Sarah Jane

Hi, I'm Sarah!


Thanks for visiting my page. I'd like to share with you a little bit about myself...

Since I was a child, I have always had a love for dance and nature. When I wasn't dancing, I loved being outdoors, playing in nature and spending time with her. When I was a teenager, I discovered my love for crystals (Earth's treasures) and felt the urge to surround myself with them, and also discovered some amazing spiritual teachers who awakened in me things I felt like I already knew but needed to remember. 

As I grew older, I found myself often becoming distracted and disconnected, which resulted in feeling lost and off track. I would search for outer things to fill inner emptiness, until I learnt that true happiness and contentment can only be found and realised within ourselves. I am still learning and experiencing this more and more as my life unfolds. I am not yearning for a perfect end destination, but instead enjoying the journey (that I believe is forever ongoing) which calls me toward authenticity, love, and Universal Truths.

Seeking inner peace, spirituality, healing and awakening (remembering), has lead me on a journey to the magic and wonders of crystals, angels, reiki, meditation, faeries/fairies (nature's guardians), dance, flower therapy, energy healing, affirmations, oracle & angel cards, space clearing, chakra balancing, sound therapy, colour therapy, plant & animal medicine, psychic protection, art, tea, eco-friendly awareness and so much more!    

My intention for being here now, is to bring awareness and inspiration to others who are seeking it. Inspiration to connect with spirit, connect with nature, open our minds and our hearts, and remember the true essence of who and what we are. I hope to encourage and inspire you to find the magic and wonder that I have found and continue to find through the avenues that I will be sharing throughout my page. 

This website is nowhere near complete, but it is a start! Enjoy!   

Sarah Jane Awakening

- Dance Teacher / Choreographer

- Angel Card Reader Certification

- Angel Intuitive Certification

- Assertiveness Coach Certification

- Crystal Reader Certification

- Fairyologist Certification

- Massage Therapist Certification

- Peaceful Protection Certification

- Realm Reader Certification

- Reiki I & Reiki II Certification

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